1xbet best betting bonus offers

1xbet best betting bonus offers

How to access 1xbet from a banned country

You can access 1xbet using a VPN Client / Proxy.

For the registration process, you should find someone who lives in a country where it is normal to sign up for the šplatform. To verify the account, you will be asked to send a copy of an identification document. If you borrow this document from a friend residing in one of those countries, you may register best betting bonus offers even play in a country where it is still illegal.

If you want to avoid any risk, look at which other operators are legal in Italy.

The protagonists: the word of the bettors

Let’s start with the glossary related to those who are the players of the 1xbet bets or who organizes them and who participates in them.
The bookmaker (or 1xbet online betting site)

The bookmaker (which in the “slang” of the English-speaking countries is also called “bookie”) corresponds to a 1xbet sports betting site and has basically the task of managing the 1xbet bets and above all setting the odds. Obviously, to be a good bookmaker it will be essential to have an excellent knowledge of both the world of sports and mathematical formulas, in particular statistics and probabilities.

In recent years the phenomenon of online bookmakers has experienced a strong development, and the evolution of online gaming portals has thus allowed new and old bettors to vary their range of events on which to bet and benefit from attractive 1xbet welcome bonus. To know why it is so advantageous to bet on online bookmakers, read this article.

The bettor

The bettors are those who bet on the 1xbet bets, the bookmaker’s customers. The bet itself is nothing more than a comparison between the bettor and the bookmaker: if the bet is lost the bookmaker will hold what has been bet, otherwise the bettor will win the bet multiplied by the corresponding share.

From English “tip” or advice, the tipster corresponds to an individual or a company outside the bookmakers, which proposes to sell or exchange tips on the 1xbet sportsbook for free.
Underdog or outsider

This is that player or team that results, following the calculations of the bookmaker, to have little chance of winning a match in a sports competition. Its corresponding share is therefore very high, but the risk of 1xbet betting on the outsider is also high.
Lexicon for beginners
The different types of odds (odds)

An important part of the 1xbet bets concerns the fixing of the odds by the bookmaker.

The quote (in English odds) makes it possible to calculate the gain derived from a bet. To learn more about how bookmakers are formed, you can compare this article. The value of the share is inversely proportional to the probability of success of an event. The higher the share, the lower the probability of a certain result, according to this formula:

Quote = 1 / Probability
European shares

According to the “European” type, the quotas can be formed by an integer or decimal number and the formula for calculating the gain obtainable from these quotas is as follows:
Gain = Bet amount x (Share – 1)
English or fractional share

The “Anglo-Saxon” quota in this case is expressed with a fraction. The formula in this case differs, albeit slightly, from European quotas, and is as follows:
Gain = Sum stake x Quota
American share

In America, quotas can be positive but also negative numbers. Negative shares refer to the stake required to obtain a gain of 100; the positive odds instead concern the gain corresponding to an episode of 100. The profit given by the American share will be calculated through this formula:
Earnings = Sum stake x 100 / (-quota) for negative odds or / odds for positive odds

All the variations of the 1xbet bets

The bet is related to the prediction of the result of a sporting event. In the world of sports betting there is the possibility to make different types of 1xbet bets:
Simple bet

The simple one is the most classic of the types of 1xbet bets, in which you bet on a single event, for example for the Roma-Lazio derby.
Combined bet

It consists of 1xbet betting on several events simultaneously, such as the two Roma-Lazio derby and at the same time Sampdoria-Genoa, or other sporting events such as the Federer-Nadal tennis match. But among all these events only by guessing at least 2 results, this bet will be a winner.