A quaint hitch. Chicago has found a goalie two in the opponents’ opponents

A quaint hitch. Chicago has found a goalie two in the opponents’ opponents

Semborski tried the famous NHL for one night. He became a substitute goalie of the Blackhawks who stepped in against his beloved Flyers.

The Chicago Intro has been sacked due to the sudden health troubles of Canadian goalkeeper Corey Crawford. A recent World Cup winner left in the morning before a match in the hospital and underwent an acute operation of the appendix. Scott Darling, team-mate, stood at the goal.

After Darling there was a free space in the Chicago midfielder that was not going to fill the goalie of the Blackhawks. Rockford IceHogs just played too far, but the hurdles would not come in time. In such cases, the NHL rules allow the amateur to sign.Semborski had an extraordinary experience. “I’ve had a life-long dream,” said a former university collector, who was in the competition for the last time last winter, in a TV interview.

Give two hundreds a party

Professionals have a truly gloomy welcome to him. “You’re late. And where do you have a suit? “Sounded Blackhawks. “Yeah, and give $ 200 to a Christmas party,” Semborski heard. He did not leave the decision, and he joked, “I hope you take credit cards. That’s all I’ve got, “he laughed.

He dressed in the gear, crawled Crawford’s jersey with a number of 50 and a swiftly changed name tag, and set off for a whistle.Suddenly, Artemy Panarin, Marián Hossa or Patrick Kane, Flyers of 2010, were burned at him. Real NHL ace. “It was the best twenty minutes of my life,” said Semborski. A lot of those bullet wounds ended in his gate. But that did not change the experience. An experience that you will remember forever also thanks to the received souvenirs. The six-year-old final defeat is a sudden distant past.

“Everything is forgotten,” said Semborski, according to Chicago’s Blackhawks supporter Saturday.

It was not the first and last

Amateur goalkeeper gambling is one of the NHL phenomena.Unknown men who become celebrities overnight are very popular, even some hockey cards have come out as part of the official series. Semborski is the second lucky winner in the current season at the NHL club. In October, Matt Hewitt, undergraduate student, was killed by the famous American Ryan Miller, who helped Vancouver.

While it is usually a unique opportunity, some of the emergency surfers, as they call them at sea, have signed up to the history of overseas competition several times. Rob Laurie, 41, was a substitute goalie for three teams, the last two years ago, Minnesota Wild.