About Canada! What can be the ambition of hockey juniors to follow?

About Canada! What can be the ambition of hockey juniors to follow?

“Everything is possible in the semifinals, the differences are blurred,” says Miloslav Hořava, an experienced coach who led the 2008 championship in 2008. “Of course, Canada is a favorite, but that does not mean we have to lose it. If the team is as fortunate as Finland, everything is possible. ”

Before the semi-final battle, however, it is necessary to admire how lucky the juniors have and how the Finns played throughout the game.

“They skidded, rotated, they were constantly moving. The same Swedes in the group, which we did a little bit in the second third, when they were a bit slower. But in the third they turned on, while we found that it was not possible to move on.It was our ceiling, “remarks Zbyněk Hrdel, the last junior medalist.

No, do not look for surrender in those words, just the opposite. However, Pottel wrote shortly on his twitter account how much he wished the current selection would better surpass the 2005 Bronze Success of his party.

Even then, coach Alois Hadamcica’s team did not believe much. However, a team came from the US tournament, from which a lot of hockey players came, who later gained considerable weight. And that includes the NHL.Remember the names like Krejci, Frolík, Polák, Šmíd, Červenka, Kvapil or Marek Schwarz, who was even declared the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

we had a lot of talent on the offensive, I see a certain similarity with the current selection, where the boys like Zadin, Kaut or Chytil have the potential.But most of them were secluded, and because they played in overseas juniors, nobody knew them much. This year, the team is similarly mixed, “says Hrdel.

Even in 2005, the Czechs moved to the semifinals via Finland, but defeated it much more clearly 3: 0. And even thirteen years ago they were waiting for another round in Canada. Result? Lose 1: 3, which was the best result, no one else with Canada played better in the tournament – the Russians with Ovechkin, Malkin or Radulov in the final lost 1: 6.

“It was a success they did not drop because they had Crosby, Getzlaf, Perry or Fleury at the gate. Two teams from the Canadian team went straight to the NHL after the tournament. ”

And this year (Canada, for example), Canada has a lot of extremely talented jerseys.Quality is extraordinary and compared to Finland somewhere else. So there is at least one objective reason why the young Czechs should succeed?

“I know from my own experience that if you are lucky in such tournaments, it will not normally leave you. It does not play for beauty but only for the result. Everything is possible, especially when you are in euphoria, “says Hořava.

” The tournament is coming out so far, everything is perfectly timed. When they needed, they scored a goal, they had great power plays. You can only succeed with Canada, “he adds.

A taste and a healthy bunch can also play a part in the role of the Trump. “It also does a lot.” On the other hand, however, there are shortcomings.Criticized is a defensive, which may be a special problem with Canada. And until the quarterfinal did not even shine the goalie. It was really the weakest side of the team.

Will the euphoria be enough? Will it not be debunked by 0: 9 debacle, which Czech selection has collected from Canada just before the championship? “It was preparation, it does not mean anything. But, of course, everything must sit for a hundred percent. The goalman must perform as against the Finns, and everyone else has to imitate him and play at the limit of his choices, “says Hořava.