Brewery: If we play Unibet, there will be 50,000 fans

Brewery: If we play Unibet, there will be 50,000 fans

For the coach of Pilsner coach Romana Pivarnik, the Thursday match with Austria Vienna in the European League group will be very special. As a footballer and then as an assistant he worked at the city’s rival Rapid, which he believes is better and much Unibet more popular. The 43-year-old coach even thinks that if Victoria were to play with his former team, fans would sell out the fifty-thousand-year stadium Ernst Happel, where both Viennese clubs play home cups. Rapid is the top team as in Vienna, Austria, and has the most fans, and that’s what everyone talks about, so if we play with Rapid, there are 50,000 spectators and the stadium is sold out.Now, there should be no Unibet more than fifteen thousand, so it will be a little empty, “he told the journalists before the Pivarnik.

” I have been working there for five years. Derby Rapid with Austria is the most what can be, for fans unreal. He was a great rival, at that time Austria was also very strong, had a huge budget. She was still there, but Rapid belongs to people, and they are very much Unibet pariuri bonus cheering on him. So it’s another dimension of the position, “added Pilsen coach.

Rapid, who beat West Bohemia twice in the EL group twice, is better than Thursday’s rival. ” Last season Rapid finished in the league in front of Austria, he is also ahead of her. It is qualitatively a bit higher in the last years, playing better football.But as I looked at Austria, it is a very Unibet good team that is strong on the ball, it wants to dictate the game, and we can not underestimate anything, “said Pivarník.

Czech champion two weeks ago joined the European League home team with a 1: 1 victory against AS Roma, Austria in Romania won over Astro Giurgiu 3: 2. “It’s not a key match but it’s important. Austria won the game, so we need to score at least, “said Pivarník.

Pilsen has won a series of three contests and seven games without Unibet defeat in Vienna. joining the European League, we have been in the league for the whole month, so we have something to do with it, and we hope we can repeat it again.We certainly respect the strength of Austria, but we are going to the match with that we want to win, “said the former coach of Jihlava, Olomouc and Bohemians 1905.

With Victoria, he would also like to cut the line of ten matches Unibet live without winning European Cups. “This series is not pleasant, but a home match with Razgrad (2: 2) was to win if we played a win, there we risked a lot. But we definitely have to win the group if we want to go, “said Pivarník.