Budějovický coach after Olympia: One of the worst matches for the last time

Budějovický coach after Olympia: One of the worst matches for the last time

South Bohemia was very much in the first home game. And so they let go of the lawn that they did not leave before the introductory round with Varnsdorf. And although the lawn was over the Saturday snow and low temperatures green, the performance and the result of the winged tribune did not catch up with several hundreds of spectators.

Dynamo Ceske Budejovice lost to Olympia Praha 0: 1.

After the first spring match with Hradec Kralove, which lost 1: 2 to Jihočeš, Dynamo was satisfied with the game of his team, but not with the result when the opponent decided in the last minute. Yesterday he could not be satisfied with one. That is, besides the home keeper Staňka. He caught what was possible, but he could not stop the defeat.

While Jihocezas did not start completely wrong.In the first ten minutes they managed to develop several opportunities. For example, Sajcic ran in the 7th minute, but Stejskala did not cross the goal. Dynamo tested several signals on the corner kicks. But the funny action did not go away.

And the key situation happened in the 22nd minute. Jakub Pešek inconspiciously tapped the ball before his own penalty area. Thomas Vasileiou took possession of the ball. He got a bit of a bump to finish and burned Staňka in a goal that did not have a chance to succeed.

This moment has determined the character of the whole game. The South Boys had a bad move. They recorded records. And they did not get the chance. Staněk, on the other hand, had to stick to his pole after a half-hour of the game to make it to the corner of the Katidis missile.And in a while, Verner’s similar attempt.

The competing group, which was loaded with aliens, drew on its own sixteen. She gingerly defended herself and hurried swiftly. “We have seen Budějovice play and we have prepared it well,” commented Oldřich Pařízek, the coach of the champions.

The home team had big problems with the opponent’s game and except the Sajčić missiles had no opportunity to score. Not even Mashike’s turn for Sajcice helped. Congo’s attacker got off to 83 minutes after finishing off, but fired over. More Dynamo did not think.

“We are disappointed. It has been one of the worst matches in the last time. We were preparing for it, we wanted to improve the attack, but I do not know why, but seventy per cent of the players on the pitch were nervous and played at their option.We were under pressure. We had the optical pressure, but the pressure was absolutely nothing. It’s a big loss, “said coach David Horejš.