From friendship to hate and back. Malkin now wants Ovechkin Stanley Cup

From friendship to hate and back. Malkin now wants Ovechkin Stanley Cup

January 21, 2008: Ovechkin and Malkin have just ruled World Hockey. The self-conscious jerks pulled together for the title of the best player of the planet, performing impressive performances. In the evening, they had to fight against a regular match of the NHL baseball.

The sharp rivalry was not only between them, but also among their clubs.

Ovechkin had a tense atmosphere yet to nourish the scandal of the previous summer when he allegedly hit his fist at one of Moscow’s Malkin Gennadiy Ušakov’s party. The renowned canonist refused to scandal, but Malkin admitted that the incident really took place.

The hostile hostility of that night clearly showed Ovechkin’s attempt to shoot down Malkin.He was able to pull off in the last fraction of a second, or he would beat him without a compromise.

It was not a pain but a wound.

But “Geno” was also released in “Ovie”, missing just a bit, and the gloves were flying down. “Every time I hit the ice, I do not understand why,” Malkin wondered. The relationship between the two stars remained at the freezing point for another 12 months until the 2009 Star Battle. damage. The cocks went aside, went with them for dinner and talked to them.

“We’re fine,” they agreed, and the reconciliation set up in the All-Star Game as a joint event in skill competitions.Ovechkin left Malkin in a beach hat and sunglasses, with a Canadian flag made up for the costume.

The Pittsburgh tug has even lent a Washington hockey stick to the showman. When Ovechkin carried out his raid, Malkin laughed. Kovalchuk was also a little bit distracted by it.

Idylla? Maybe yes maybe no. But surely the burying of the ax. Peace is still valid today.

The relationship between the two Russian icons will probably never go back to the level of 2006, when they lived together in Turin and used the beautiful city for common wanderings. > At the Italian Olympics, they were carefree youngsters, in the years to come they were paying for ambitious predators and irreconcilable boobs, now they are both mature men.One is a father, the other one married last year. Both former postponed until comical rivalry aside.

I do not see many comparisons by journalists who like to argue that Washington had had to draft better Malkin and Ovechkin with time vacating positions. “We’re good friends,” said Malkin as the year before Ovechkin became the best Russian scorer in the history of the NHL

In a famous league made a significant mark both, but while Malkin is currently in Moscow, where the public shows Stanley Cup, Ovechkin on the famous trophy still waiting.

For the third attempt, Malkina did not stop at the play-off. Each time there was a total Pittsburgh triumph and “Geno” sprinkled with champagne.

“He’s happy,” he said sportively.He congratulated his rival remotely.

Is he on line now? The elite center would wish him success. “I was a little happier than Ovie, thanks to that I won three Stanley Cups. He has everything in front of me, I wish him to win. He’s still a great hockey player. “