Goalkeeper was a coincidence. Now Czech has entered history as Mr. Zero

Goalkeeper was a coincidence. Now Czech has entered history as Mr. Zero

“On the sidelines of Sunday afternoon, he became the first goalie in the world’s most famous league, scoring 200 zeros. 200

He needed to:

– 2 clubs,


“I really appreciate where I came from. It’s going to be a bit unreal. ”

The same Petr Cech spoke, who really took off his first game by accident. In Pilsen there was not one of the goalkeepers at the time, so the coaches of the pupils showed him: “It does not look bad when training, so try it.”

Against boys who were two years older, lose.He scored five goals, but they all praised him because he had another ten chances, “And I was just as upset. Although he did not know about me, I was insane for every goal. ”

If you wonder how Petr Čech started, you can read on his website an original narrative about childhood. It’s on the way. And if you are interested in what the present is, it is enough to let more or less any television, where at least the news is sporting.

Since mid-December he was on the 199th line and had eleven unsuccessful attempts. Eleven!(3: 3), twice with Crystal Palace (3: 2 and 4: 3).

1), with West Bromwich (1: 1), Chelsea (2: 2), under-Bournemouth (1: 2) and last Swansea (1: 3). Then he was injured in a match against Everton (5: 1), lost to Tottenham (0: 1), screamed a beating from Manchester City (0: 3) and apologized for shorts with Brighton (1: 2).

But on Sunday against Watford, it came out. “It was time,” the 35-year-old goalkeeper said.

To keep an eye on Chechnya’s two-tiered Arsenal victory 3-0, which means at least a joy to the troubled team.It’s up to sixth in the table and probably stays at that place.

With Watford caught

Bohemian was great. It could be said extraordinary. He picked up all the chances, and after an hour the penalty kicked by Troy Deeney. Statistics say it was the first Cech’s penance success since October 2014. After sixteen failures.

It was worth it!

By mid December 2015, he compared the record of David James, who stopped at 169.

Two weeks later, the record broke. On his web site, Bohem recalled: “I have to admit that when it was clear in the 2: 0 condition that we won, I watched for hours and wished it was the end, which I rarely do.I remembered the jersey and let it sign from all the boys who had boarded. It was an extraordinary experience for me. ”

To understand, Bohemian is a detailist who does not let himself be distracted by the unnecessary. And collecting nil definitely is not one of his main motivational components: “I want to win. I always say I prefer to win 5: 4, than to satisfy the goalless draws. The team is more than any individual. ”

Still, individuals decide…

Do you remember when the Pilsen native picked up his first clean account in the Premier League?

It happened on August 15, 2004.

The league premiere of Chelsea. Against Manchester United. Chelsea won 1-0. “But I was most pleased to have done it. That I’m catching the Premier League.The players I once played on television suddenly stood up against me. Giggs, Scholes, Keane…It was a fairytale that could not end with just one or two successful chapters. ”

More than thirteen years have passed and the chapter is countless.

for the 180 games, the fastest of all.

The two-hundreds managed at a slower pace because:

– firstly, Chelsea lost its privileged position, 2015 has moved to a competitive Arsenal, which is not so successful at the moment.

“I am proud of all my zeros and I would remember all of them,” says Bohemian, and you can not read his memories. >

He is talking about the Blackburn match of February 2005.It took two minutes to overcome Peter Schmeichel and his record bulletproof, which lasted 727 minutes. Attacker Dickov put the ball on the penalty spot. Bohemia defeated the direction of the missile, did not get the goal and eventually reached it for 1,025 minutes.

The easiest zeros could not have been chosen by Bohemia. However, he recaptured May 2010 when he won the third title with Chelsea. Future champions have wounded Wigan 8-0, but not for Chechny’s miraculous surgery in the last few seconds, with zero it would not be.

It is hard to be surprised to see the Czech nickname that the fans once invented in England: Zero – Mr. Zero.