Jarolim had to change the nomination, lost two of the other celebrities, called two others

Jarolim had to change the nomination, lost two of the other celebrities, called two others

Two trackers, two extreme midfielder, how did the coach plan ahead. Due to the health problems, Vydra and Jankt had to reach for another player.

They did not even reach the meeting from abroad.The famous Škoda and Husbauer arrived at Prague’s NH Hotel in Smíchov, but they left the meeting shortly after noon.

“Joy does not do me, but it is reality. I hope that there will be no more complications, “Jarolim hoped.

” We were thinking ahead of the possible alternative, because after the derby I had information that they probably would not be fit.

Above all, the absence of Damage is a problem for Jarolim, with only two strikers left behind by Schmen.

The coach then decided to call Škoda’s teammate from Slavia, but the type of striker Stanislav Tecla, who was in the national team the last time four years ago for previous coach Pavel Vrba.

Also Frýdek, Lüftner and Jugas already know the circumstances in the national team, the Masopust and the Lawn have never been there.

Both newcomers have won the nomination thanks to the fascinating form of Jablonec, which is the best team of spring.In the league under the new coach Petr Radou won five of the five games and won in the quarterfinals of the home cup.

“It is a logical choice. They both play well for a long time, there is a continuation of the twenty-one, “the coach said.

The football players met Monday in Prague. In the evening, they will go to the Theater in Vinohrady together to announce the Football Association in 2017.

The Nan-nig arrives on Tuesday afternoon and arrives in China on Wednesday morning. The first match will be held on Friday at 12.35 CET against Uruguay. The second match is awaiting on Monday, either against home selection or Wales.For the national team, it is about preparing for the autumn League of Nations.

Jarolím last week nominated nineteen footballers, adding two to four players after the weekend. He can take up to a maximum of 23 members in China, one place left for him.

Dungeon clubs are coming lately. The striker of the second league Derby County was in the team for the last time in October 2016 in Hamburg against Germany. Since then, he has either been a substitute or apologized for the wounds.

“We are very sorry, we could not have invited Matěj because of health problems at the end of last autumn.This year is a great form and we wanted to see him in the team, “said coach Karel Jarolím.

The 25-year-old striker had a great season, in the second he gave seventeen goals. In the last six duels, however, he did not make it, and he did not make it at all.

While Vydru wanted Jarolí to try, Jankto is a member of the basic set. Twenty-five-year-old midfielder Udine has injured his calf on Saturday’s Sassuol league.

“Jakub Jankto has repeatedly confirmed his position in the national team, of course, his absence is a loss.”Frýdek was in a representation last November in the Qatar tournament, Jugas coach called last year to prepare for training in Belgium last May,” said Jarolím. and qualification in Norway, but he did not start the game. Lüftner debuted last month in qualifying against San Marino.