Legend Blazek or Brazilian star. A new era of Sparta, and that futsal

Legend Blazek or Brazilian star. A new era of Sparta, and that futsal

The Sparta football game was launched this year. Italian coach Stramaccioni, eleven reinforcements abroad.

And a similar scenario was experienced by futsal. The start is Tuesday at 20.30 against Pilsen in the Sparta Arena in Vysočany, Podvinný mlýn, Prague.

“It is a coincidence that Sparta football and then futsal started something new,” says Jaromír Blažek, marketing director of Sparta’s Futsal .

When he spoke to journalists, he sat behind the long press center at Letna. At the stadium, where he was a Sparta football player for twelve years, he was a favorite of fans and he became a legend in the club.

When he recently finished his career in Jihlava, he made a goalkeepers coach. The last year was without engagement.And now he went to work you could not imagine.

“I’m learning to run. But it’s Sparta, so I’m here. And no matter if it’s football or futsal. Just Sparta, “says Blazek, forty-four.

“Not to be his, everything would go slowly. Jarda Blazek kicked us up, “coach Beni Simitchi says. He and part of some players came from Bengal from Zruc nad Sazavou. And at Sparta, he built a completely new cadre. “The idea to create something big here was when futsal Sparta did not even exist. And now the right time has come. Whether the first match will show us how serious we are here, “Simitci stressed.

” The coach has the task of having people entertained, I want to have a full hall. We have to score a lot of goals.When we have Brazilians and Spaniards, it just has to look like, “says Blažek resolutely. At the first game, he would like to see eight hundred spectators.

In his name, Sparta fans are drawn to their faces, and the teammates can help in the show. For example, with a derby trailer, Slavií, which is played next Friday (football two days later), Tomáš Rosický will help. “I’m doing everything for people, and I want to go on with it. Whoever has a Sparta football pass can go with her to us.We will be connecting. ”

Fans will surely be curious about what the spells will be played by Wilde Gomes da Silva, the double world champion with Brazil in the years (2008 and 2012), who played for six years in Barcelona he spent the season in Dynamo Moscow.

“When I came to Russia before the start of the season, they told us that one of the main sponsors had dropped out so the club ended. I went back to Portugal where we live with my family. And the offer from Sparta came. I solved it with my friend and today’s teammate Marcel and decided for Sparta, “he wrote Wilde’s 36-year-old.

His arrival is a huge advertisement for Czech futsal, a world-class futsalist has arrived. And the look at Sparty’s list shows Blazky’s plans to “entertain people” may not be hard to fulfill.Wilde, Marcelo, Amadeus, Gustavo Henrique, Lucas Moreira, Cristiano Cardoso, Filho, Pimpolho or Albanian star Azem Brahimi. The captain is Michal Belej, who played the football league in Brno for thirteen years ago.

“I think we put together an interesting team,” Coach Simitchi says. “I chose the players with whom we trust each other. And who are able to kidnap that they play behind Sparta. Not everyone has it. ”

And the goal? The title, of course.

“Every section that bears the name Sparta must play a toe. When we addressed the players from abroad, they heard a lot of Sparta. It is the biggest brand in Czech sport. When I was in Bengal, we scored the most goals. And there’s nothing going to change. We did not think we played defensive at all.We do not even have a pure defender in the squad, “coach Simitci said.