New Year with New Hope. Biathlonists have a shotgun

New Year with New Hope. Biathlonists have a shotgun

The Czech expedition enters with new hope. Hoping for better results than she achieved in the opening three rounds of the series. And also with hope for first-time winners this season. Although the first…

At the end of the year, there was a great deal of encouragement at the end of the year. The Czech duo Ondřej Moravec and Eva Puskarcikova in the traditional biathlon show at the Schalke football stadium were not enough to pair the pair only to the Russian couple Ekaterina Jurlova, Alexej Volkov.

The first place is held by fast and accurate shooting, very decent run. What a change compared to previous sorrow!

“I believe that a similar result will help both Eve and Ondra, and all of us.It shows us that we are working well, “says Ondřej Rybář, the director of the team.

The Czechs have reached the maximum in 2015, when Moravia was supplemented by Gabriela Koukalová – then World Cup leading woman, who subsequently won overall.

For a twenty-six-year-old Puskarcikova, December 28 was the big premiere. This is the second most valuable. “I was afraid of firing in the afternoon. I felt like a gladiator in the Colosseum. But it was fine in the race, “she pleased.Out of nearly 50,000 viewers did not blink. “There is no better test of nerves than just such a race,” Ryatář confirmed

During the Christmas break, the Czechs piloted the form on several fronts. Fourteen of them went through a demanding concentration camp in Jablonec, six men were preparing in New Town in Moravia.

Only Lucie Charvátová and Ondrej Moravec performed training sessions in Austria, namely in Seefeld and Hochfilzen where the 33-year old biathlete trained with the Austrian Simona Eder group. “I had both my girls there and a sister with her husband also came to us,” he said.

The program was simple – shooting, shooting and shooting again. Indeed, the Czech biathlonists in the first trimester have so much trouble.

“We went back to the shotgun.We have also done a lot of bulk training, special strength and, of course, speed, “coach Zdeněk Vítek explained. “There were speed trainings, but there were not many. We want to gain speed during the races, “added Rybář.

The Czechs will have a chance already on Thursday from 12.30. That’s a female sprint in Oberhof.