Olomouc hockey players come alive, show a shotgun concert

Olomouc hockey players come alive, show a shotgun concert

The Hanates spread the chemists on the atoms and won 7: 1. “It is good that there was one match in which we were successful,” said Zdeněk Venera, a satisfied coach, but he was very serious: “On the other hand there are three points for 1: 0 as well as 7: 1, and we need them ”

Cocks were great on Friday’s 5: 2 Derby derby victory. For the first two December matches, they scored 12 goals, as in November. One of the heroes against Litvínov was Jakub Matai, who convinced the attacker, he was in the defense, in addition to seven matches in which he did not fit into the set. Balance? One goal scored and scored two. “The fact that Cuba is going to play, he learned only in the morning before the match, when it turned out that Tomáš Houdek would not be.And he played very well, “said Venera.” Finally, I was waiting for a goal, “Matai gasped, hitting Hübl with a shot from the blue that crossed between the shining players and set to the pole. “It was important that we took advantage of the initial sleepiness of Litvínov. There are several matches where the teams that arrive do not know the first third of what’s going on. But we did not give them goals. This time we confirmed this goal, we did not stop playing, and it was decided, “the attacker and the defender observed in one person.

On the first run, Holce followed up just before the first Knight siren, and barely both teams returned to ice, raising the uncovered Strapach to 3: 0. Then both teams got the advantage of a penalty shootout, but both home Laš and guest Gerhát on the goalie did not pass.Litvinov laid it.

“If the goal fell, we could do something about it. But it was certainly not the biggest break, it was the first third and our approach to the match. In previous matches, we were resisting the goals of our opponents today. Today, the goals were greatly knocked down, we were unable to return physically or physically, “Litvínovský striker František Gerhát did not understand.

More gates were added by Jakub Matai, Juraj Mikus, Marek Laš and Jan Eberle. Jaroslav Hübl still stood in the goal of Vervy and stayed until the bitter end. “There were fights when we did not hit the empty gate, sometimes it was all over. Braňo (Konrád – pozn.red.) had even more surgery than Hübl, but we had a shooting day, “added Venera.