Paralympic return. Pešková also swings between goals that they can not see

Paralympic return. Pešková also swings between goals that they can not see

What’s her handicap? “I have a narrow field of vision, a so-called tubular vision. When a healthy person looks ahead, he sees an approximately 180 degree angle. I only see four degrees. So when I read a book, for example, I follow the line and always see only one word, “says Anna Pešková.

She grew up in the Bohemian Forest and was skiing for a long time. She also devoted herself to other sports – athletics or swimming, with her husband climbing the rocks, riding a wild river, running on a windsurf. But the first ever was skiing, she started racing in the fifth class and the sporting challenges eventually led her further than she would have expected.

The 2006 Paralympic Games brought a silver medal. At that time Dad made her a tracer, a former professional skier.With tracer Michael Hubačovou four years later, she won bronze at the Vancouver Paralympic and in 2011 they became world champions.

Then Pešková (for free Kulíšková) went to maternity, became a twins mother and now returns to racing. How does it look like in her case? “When skiing, I look at my tracer and talk to the radio that we have built in helmets. I see skimmers and skiers, I see where the skis are heading.But I can not see anything, I do not see the gates, no breaks or unevenness on the slopes, “she said in a press release.

She did not see it perfectly well when she was eight years old. “My parents did not know how bad I can see, which I think is a big plus because they treated me like a normal child, and I could do the same hobbies as my peers,” she remembered.

According to her words, handicap is rarely aware of. “I thought I could not make a driver, and when I came to Prague to high, the move to a big city was more demanding.Mostly when I need to come or go somewhere, someone has to be with me. ”

In Pchjongchangu, the trainer Michael Hubačova first introduced her at the congress but did not finish the race. “I got too close behind Mishu and had to stop. In the fourth gate it was drenched, I did not see it, I slowed down again, and so we moved away a lot. He followed the traverses, but I did not even go out of it and we left the race.I had respect in the practice, I tried to get rid of it and went to the best way to do it, “he quoted the Czech Paralympic Committee’s Pešková web site.

In the super slots of the slalom, the Czech team took the eleventh place with an unexpectedly big man on Slovakian sovereign Henrieta Farkašová. “When I saw the time after the show, I was a little surprised and disappointed. We’ll have to watch a video where it’s almost eighteen seconds, “she said immediately after the Pešková race. Will it improve its Korean balance on Tuesday’s supercombination?