REMARK: The day Bolt lost. And then it all started …

REMARK: The day Bolt lost. And then it all started …

It’s running, it’s running pretty fast – but it still feels unusual emotion. Fear. “He shocked me. It was a little awful, “says Tyson Gay. Why is it that the new world champion on the two hundreds immediately adds: “I’m not used to not doing the bumper first.”

It is on August 30, 2007 and scared by a man who will soon wake him up almost daily. In the middle of the track, there was a quad for Trelawna in Jamaica, and if you did not spend the last ten years out of civilization, you already know his name. No, it was not enough to triumph, but to the birth of a mythically successful athlete.

30. In August 2007 Usain Bolt lost his only individual final to a major event. At the Olympics, the balance is clear, as if the sky was blazing over the Caribbean.Yes, at the Tegu 2011 world championship he only knocked him off as he raced the start – but the opponent? No more.

Only the American Gay was better on that memorable date, ten years ago on an oval in Osaka, Japan.

Exact anniversary is no longer so attractive: next week, Bolt in London a hundred starts on Friday and starts on Saturday – if anything shocking – to the big final. At the upcoming world championship, Jamaica will only have a 4×100 meter relay and it will be over.

When it crosses the goal, it will run through the path of a terrific, extraterrestrial career.

It seems long ago, slowly misty memories like sports antiquity.The world got used to Bolt’s dominance, but it was not just a smooth sprint. Wherever Jamaican ran despite the obstacles.

While he won the junior world championship at Kingston as a 15-year-old, he became a bit of a national property. “Every Jamaican newspaper about me, I was on the first and last pages of the diaries,” recalls the athlete in the book Usain Bolt: My Story.

And as every cimrmanologist knows: the element of expectation is followed by an element of disappointment. Bolt disappointed himself. In too young an aged age, he left for his first Olympics, which he suffered. “It did not make sense. I had no motivation, “he said back to Athens 2004.At the two-hundreds he fell out right now. “I was quietly in the finishing touches ahead of me, but I was not bothered.” Then he went to the new coach Glen Mills and changed his training, but he also liked to “smack” and to write over the gym: Hic are leones. The places where he hurt sports avoided; life is so varied, why not enjoy it!

But then the championship in Osaka came. In his biography, the chapter where he describes the championship is quite distinctive: I start to take it seriously.

In Japan, on the final day of the final two days of the eleven in the evening, the race has slowed down one more start.For a while there was Bolt’s unbearable entry between the elite.

“Journalists did not really care for me, no special achievements were waiting for me and it pleased me,” he writes in his book, recalling his form and grace in the run-up : “I had no trouble while the Greek next to me almost cracked the blood as it struggled to beat me.”

So then into the final! Bolt runs to his standards well, and sometimes a tough coach then praises him; Gaye beats fear of losing.The feeling that becomes fateful is now helping: “With Usain behind my back, I did a terrific performance.”

Bolt embraces him and heats and while the Gay Champion falls depleted to the oval, Jamaican leaving and leaving the glory to the winner.

In Japan, he then added silver in the relay 4×100 meters. See, that’s it. It’s going to go!

Bolt admitted that Gay was the best at the time: “He had a life form.” But himself, which was the key, broke through a swamp of distrust into better landscapes. “There were still notes about going to the crowd,” he recalls the native island’s reaction. “But at the same time it turned out that people are starting to take me home again: Well, you see, it’s better.Everybody felt like I was racing for a long time, but I was still only 21 years old and I still have a lot to learn. “So Bolt-bonvivan decided he was sacrificing something. That she must.

“Lost has aroused,” he admitted. “I remember asking the coach for her: I did the maximum but did not win. What do I need now? The answer was obvious: You have to make it harder, you just keep away from the gym. Suddenly I understood it and started doing it. ”

Gay was ten years ago a superstar with no limits, Osaka won the “Bolt Triple Crown” for the triumphs of the hundreds, the two hundreds and the relay 4×100 meters. But it was not the start of his spectacular and long era, but the golden split.Bolt really started scouring.

So, as few would expect – including his own. “When I got silver in Japan, I thought I could be really good,” he said. “I was determined not to leave Tyson again before. I spent long hours in the gym, working out my abdominal muscles, and even strengthening my whole body. ”

In New York on May 31, 2008, the world record reached 9.72. And the other behind him…Sure, Tyson Gay. “I had a feeling that Bolt’s knees fly at my face.”

At the Olympics in Beijing, then the Gay wounded, headed down, fell out of the semifinals.Bolt overtakes the world record again.

And if you do, who as silver a year later assisted with another and still valid Bolt’s record in history at a hundred for 9.58, you do not have that complicated. Even at the 2009 World Championship in Berlin, the Tyson Gay took his silver and his time of 9.71, which is amazing in itself, is perhaps only a minor satisfaction. Fear no longer helped him, he was more tied. Athletics found the ruler – and it still has it today.

Even because Bolt knows how bitterly he is settling on the floor defeating the defeat. One lesson was enough.