Rotate on a blue line, then a great bluff. Pastrnak gave hope to Boston

Rotate on a blue line, then a great bluff. Pastrnak gave hope to Boston

Pastrnak last year went into the NHL in style. As the youngest player in the league, he was immediately attracted by courage, life, rocket speed. It was not by chance that the Bruins fans chose it as the biggest surprise of the season.

This year was not so smooth. The young man has broken a leg fracture, for which he has almost missed the world championship in 20 years. In January, he returned and rejoined the countryman David Krejčí, who was greatly completing it.

However, Pastrnak also showed his weaknesses – Julien’s coach recently broke into a risky game that threatens the team. His spontaneous, sometimes even headless raids in the defense of his rivals Boston have eroded several times.

It was the opposite on Friday night. Detroit distinguished himself against Detroit.The duel, which was a real prologue to play-off, deserved the first goal of his team.

In lightning action, he has taken advantage of: brilliant skating, speed, dexterity. He took advantage of Liles’s steep passage, which happily bounced off the mantinel directly into the drive. However, in order for Pastrňák to manage the puck, he had to turn the blue line, which was so scary that the defending player was not surprised.

As Pastrnak got in front of the beacon, Howard at the Red Wings Gate had to be very alert. Bohemian has already shown several times that quick raids can solve bravado.And he confirmed it now: Howard got caught up with a slick bluff in the bekhed.

How easy does it look like…

Detroit then claimed the alleged offensive, but as the video showed, Pastrňák touched the blue lines while taking the skull. Even millimeters play a role.

Boston struck the match and Detroit defeated 5: 2. The other Czech David Krejčí, who scored two assists, also had a fairly clear victory.

Boston has survived his own death and is still in a play-off chase. However, the procedure is not in their hands. It has the same points (93) as Detroit and a point over Philadelphia. But she still has a match for the good.

Bruins will advance if they win a Saturday match with Ottawa and Philadelphia or Detroit to lose.If Boston did not match the match, he would have to hope that the Flyers would lose both remaining matches.

If Bruins and the Senators were falling in prolongs or raids, they would not be well. They would have to rely either on Philly’s double drop or on Detroit’s loss after basic game time.

The situation is simply tangled and Boston is now key to winning on Saturday. Two points against Ottawa are with a bit of luck to the desired playoff.