Tennis Championship is a chance for young people. The best Czechs do not play it …

Tennis Championship is a chance for young people. The best Czechs do not play it …

“For me, home championship has a great prestige. I never won it, “said Liberec Michal Schmid, who was the number one leader, which he did not expect – he admitted.

The title will not be won this time, as he dropped out in the second round. The first female Carolina Stuchla finished. David Poljak, who crossed the final over Michal Franek yesterday, understands that the best Czech tennis players are in other tournaments, because they, compared to the domestic championship, collect points in the world ranking. He was also supposed to be in Serbia, but he did not want to travel anywhere because of his back problems, so he stayed home in Ostrava and played for the title.

Poljak’s rival on Friday’s final will be Ivo Minar, the most successful Czech tennis player he starts the championship.The former winner of the Davis Cup is wondering if the best players would attract another term. But it’s hard to say if it would have been better if they were playing in the second week of the US Open and they were coming out of America, “Said Minar and acknowledged,” Unfortunately, the best players have never been lured. “Martin Hynek, the director of the Republic Championship and vice-president of the tennis association, says that the current term is not bad.

” It follows the Pardubice junior its winners have the right to start at the adult championship. It’s a chance for young people, “said Hynek. “In addition, there is no tournament in the Czech Republic at this time.There is a week in the world, so we do not have the guarantee that the best ones will come again. “Minar is convinced that being a Czech champion is prestigious. “Everybody would want to be one,” says the 2012 champion. “But it is a fact that I have not played the championship too many times.” For Martin Hynek, the home title is of great value. “There are Kodeš, Lendl, Koželuhová, Javorský, Pála, Mečíř, Korda, Šmíd, Nováček…”, he added, adding that he is one of the most famous Czech players in the history of Czechoslovakia. Martina Navrátilová, Jiří Hřebec, Pavel Složil and Jaroslav Navrátil. Of the current Czech players who are under 200.

He added that with the participation in the championship the representatives of the tennis association also fight in the youth category. “Earlier on such Pardubice juniors were only the best ones. Today is a problem for someone to get there, “Hynek admitted. “Better is going to the ITF tournament (International Tennis Federation -Red.)

Hynek pointed out that the heads of the tennis association want the championship of the Republic of all categories despite all the problems to keep. “It’s our showcase but we are not able to direct players to play,” said Martin Hynek.

On Friday, we will know other Czech champions. The women’s finals at 13.00 will begin at SC Ostrava in Comenius. Entry is free.