The memory of the floorball miracle. As the Czechs first matured for proud Swedes

The memory of the floorball miracle. As the Czechs first matured for proud Swedes

The Greek hero of Sisyphus severely punished the gods. He had to push the heavy boulder to the top of the mountain, and on the other side to drag him down. But it never came to him, or the stone slipped off just below the top and rolled back down.

Also for Bohemia the mountain was too high and the stone was heavy. The Swedes who invented the sport in the 1970s reigned in floorball. Like Canada in hockey, they could also set up three, four teams and everyone would have the chance to win the title of world champions.

The Czechs had to swallow dozens of defeats before they enjoyed themselves. At the turn of the millennium, it was not so much a loss, like disgusting spitting. Success was every goal.But they went upstairs, and in November 2010 Sweden even played a draw.

And three and a half years later, she finally came to a lucky win.

Help the leaky roof

in the 21st minute they lost 1: 3 and the well-filled stadium in Česká Lípa had doubts.

Is it still realistic to turn the home situation?

When the rain began to fall…

He broke off for 30 minutes because he was down in the stadium, “goalkeeper David Rytych told “It was such a time-out. The Swedes hurt it, it helped us. ”

He just became one of the heroes.The quick goals and the leaky roof did not make it, and he was brilliant in the rest of the game.

Also the first attack of the Czechs shone with three goals. “Curney, Jendrišák and Natov in the first league had an unbeatable form, they tapped it in the empty goal, we completely dismantled them,” remembers Rytych.

It was 5: 3 for Bohemia. The Swedes only stared at what was happening on the pitch. In the end, though, they lost, but still lost 5: 6.

The Czech Republic was the first time.

It was a fairy tale, Česká Lípa celebrated. Unfortunately, the floorball players have not been happy – they have not even gained a point since then.Meanwhile, the last duel (in November 2016) was given 3:11.

Again, he does not know the advice – the Swedes are still a better class and can compete with Finland. Even David Rytych knows that if they have a taste for the game, they do what they like. “When they turn on 100%, they will crush us in such a way that we cram like a noodle in a band. We’re in pliers. ”

Already on Tuesdays at 15:30, floorball players (who are already on the MS in Riga after winning over Norway and Latvia already have some progress in the quarterfinals) will try to surprise again.Rytych will not be there because he’s hurt and not nominated; Tomáš Kafka and Lukáš Souček are now behind the Czech Republic.

After the April April triumph of burácel, Ondřej Zamazal, a commentator of Czech Television, in the microphone: “The Floorball God has sent a miracle to Czech Lipa!”

Will he send him to the capital of Latvia? >