The Zbrojovka ended the fall in poor condition, Brňany added stress and question marks

The Zbrojovka ended the fall in poor condition, Brňany added stress and question marks

The Brnans have saved at least 1-1 at the last minute, but the reason for cheering was not. “The point is in our position a little,” he knew. “It’s hard to say what the Zbrojovka should stress more. Whether the fact that it only survives two points above the descent trap, or the way she played against Karvina. When Pavel Zavadil arrived in the mix for a match, he told the reporters: “Boy, it was a tragedy.”

The poor was not only the last duel, but the fall of the Armory who only won twice. >

The Saturday introduction looked so promising.In the sixth minute, cannonman Michal Škoda ran on the goalie himself, but while his fictitious brother had a similar ending with a graceful arc at the gate, in which case the ball fell beside her. “(Goalkeeper) Laštůvka back, I wanted to rewind it, which I did, but I did not hit the gate. A terrible mistake, I just have to do this, “said the author of ten autumn treats.

The Brnans could then play the word” if “- in the case of leadership they could control the events, “I was sorry we left the game we wanted to play. The wings dragged into the middle instead of stretching the game.On Wednesday there was a thickened area and it was not possible to pass through it, it was a major cramp in the end, “said coach Svatopluk Habanec.

At the intermission he tried to break through his roar when the cabin shuddered. In vain, immediately after the domestic pause they collected. “Then you chase it and it’s a bit of a mess. Do you believe that you will give a goal, you try to get there, but you do not. The balloon ends on the first players, because we do not want to do it well, you leave a little bit in your head, “he summed up the Splinter in the second half.

In it, the Zbrojovka pushed hard, but its predominance was desperately barren. Despite the fact that the juice was quickly coming to the guests after three days before they had kicked off the cup duel on the snow and with the extension. “We’ve had our teeth full, since the 70s.we all walked the water for a minute, “said Pavel Košťál, a Karviná stoper. “We kept the balloon, but we did not create the chances. Pay the Lord that we have managed at least that point, but that is still not enough, “Škoda said.

His team is now waiting for the winter. 15 points means 14th in the league. “We did not think so much of a point, but nothing can be done. We have to train well in the winter and it must look different in the spring, “Škoda said.

“We wanted our number of points to begin with two. We are missing this so we can make more peace.That’s how the construction will be deeper and we have a lot of question marks to look for answers to, “said Habanec, against whom in the second half some of the fans were chanting. “I have seen it eight years ago in Ústí. It’s the view of the audience, I have to get a shot at it and continue to work at one hundred percent. ”

The gunman can console himself with a duo of experienced midfielder Polák-Zavadil in the spring. At the same time, however, it needs new blood – its defense is leaking, offensive support is lacking from the wings. “But we have to get it, even if there were no changes. This team has to move in the first half of the table.It’s just about working to get it across, “said Vrastil.