Trpišovsky knows that the weakened Liberec virosis needs to succeed

Trpišovsky knows that the weakened Liberec virosis needs to succeed

Jindřich Trpišovský, the coach of the Liberec footballers, fine-tunes the team for Thursday’s second round of the European League against PAOK Thessaloniki due to the epidemic in the squad probably after the morning warm-up. Although Severočesá could not train for the quarantine until Tuesday, the coach knows that with a view to the struggle for the game, they need the home match to master and win the best.

“It is a very exceptional and unique thing. we did not have a career in this career, we were three days off, a lot of players went through a variety of infections, examinations, they were in a different condition, there were 16 players in the squad, “Trpišovský said at the press conference. >

Some footballers are still out of the game. “We are in the cognitive stage.We will see what trails left the players burden. With regard to the nomination for the match, we will see the final composition after today’s training and the composition itself for the match apparently after tomorrow morning warm-up, “said the coach.

Due to the announced quarantine, the team could not play the Saturday match in Karvina , the match with PAOK was finally postponed not. “We were on a Friday in such a state that we would not even have anyone to play with at the weekend. We considered that, given that it was a representative break, it would be ideal to postpone all three matches (with Karvina, PAOK, Teplice). But the decisive word was made by doctors and hygienists. On Tuesday, quarantine was canceled.So, if we will or will not play, we did not decide, “said Trpišovský. Despite the great difficulties in the squad, he is clear that his team needs a 2-2 draw with Karabakh home at home. “We have only got a point last year at home in three group matches, maybe it has been prepared for us. Matches at home are key. That’s what we learned last year. If we want to think about the process, he wants to handle the home games, “Trpišovský said.

” It is unpleasant what hit us, but we will not change it. It will be about us, how do we care about how we can get together and throw it behind our heads. It’s one of the biggest complications that can be.It was a serious illness and we pray that we will be in the best possible condition tomorrow, “added Trpišovský.

In recent days, Sparta has been interested in him, who is looking for a new coach for Zdeněk Ščasný. but he did not want to comment on the situation, focusing only on Thursday’s duel.