Vacha in Sparta extended the contract. But he will spend the autumn in Liberec

Vacha in Sparta extended the contract. But he will spend the autumn in Liberec

“I’ve always fought for Sparta and tried to make the best of it. The last three years have not been the happiest for me, but now I’m healthy and I feel fit. And I also want to prove it to everyone. I believe that regular game practice that I probably would not have in Sparta would help me and I will continue to be part of Sparta, “said Lukáš Vácha for

A week ago, Vácha seemed to be in Sparta to write off. The news from the streets beckoned: the club’s management told him that coach Stramaccioni did not count on him.

Surprise, almost shock. A football player who has been one of the club’s faces in recent years. A fighter who did not hurt and left everything on the court. And was it supposed to end in one match, even after this year’s premiere?

Following the meeting, Sparta was silent.She only spoke of Vach on Monday. “I must unequivocally refuse the presentation that anybody who was out of Luke Sparta. Lukáš belonged to Sparta’s backs in previous seasons, and it also corresponded to his position in the team, “said Adam Kotalík, CEO for” Unfortunately, he has recently had recurrent health problems, last three seasons missed almost forty percent of the game. For several weeks we have been talking to his manager about the extension of the contract, but the basic condition of the club is for Lukas to be healthy for a long time and in a regular match, “Kotalik explained. Vacha had a knee problem, the last time during the summer.He has been fit in the last few weeks, in the last league match in Brno he joined the basic team. The match did not work at all, lost 0: 2, but Vacha certainly did not belong among the weakest.

So he was surprised that he was supposed to end. “In the current situation, due to Sparta’s shorter number of matches and spans, there was a considerable risk that he would not have as much use as he would have in view of his return. That’s why we were looking for a good solution, with Liberec’s wishes being chosen by Liberec, “Kotalík said.

Martin Frydek did not take the coach for a match in Brno, Václav Kadlec criticized the preparation and did not build him. He did not believe Vjačeslav Karavajev, who was on his way to Lokomotiv Moscow.But all three remained.

Vacha was sentenced four days before the end of the transfer term in the Czech Republic. He leaves for a club that likes postponed Spartans. But there is a lot of confrontation in mutual matches when it has the greatest motivation. And that was exactly three weeks ago.

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