We did not do that, nodded Kalvoda. Will come to Boleslav Uhrin’s era?

We did not do that, nodded Kalvoda. Will come to Boleslav Uhrin’s era?

The visiting youngster, Jaroslav Tregler, made a long pass in defeat for the defense, he made the ball precisely, stepped past the goalie Diviš and scored 2: 2 in the empty goal!

Boleslav’s players were hiding their heads in their hands, some under the jersey. They just lost the win against the last team of the table, which they should have clearly defeated. But what did they really wonder? “I think there was a mistake of the goalkeeper, we must not do such a mistake,” said the coach of Boleslav immediately after the match. Leoš Kalvoda and they were tearing at him.

It was a very cheap rating.The ambitious Boleslav should not rely on one goal at the last minute against Příbram, but he should consult completely differently. Retract his opponent with his own weapons, pass him, and have peace of mind at the last minute.

“We had to control the development and play the second half at half the opponent. But unfortunately we did not, “replied Kalvoda. “Maybe it was a bit worried about the result, Příbram was an unpleasant rival,” he added.

Boleslav did not have Sparta under the same coach, where he steadfastly attacked and beaten him with great assault battles.So why in the last and outdoors, most of the absolutely clueless Příbrami, got into a deep defensive?

“It turned out we were not doing so well in our heads,” Jan Chramost, an author of eight autumn goals, was trying to find an explanation. “I would believe that a team like us can learn from previous losses. But as you can see, no, “insisted the striker.

Boleslav has traditionally been aimed at advancing into European Cups. From this perspective, nothing so tragic happens. Fifth place after autumn, a decent pillow in front of the persecutors and a minimal loss in Zlín, which can be expected to be stumbling. But the breakthrough season? The one that Boleslav is waiting for long?In which he will fight for the title until the end and perhaps unexpectedly win it, like twice recently Liberec? This is not going to happen again.

And because the club is turning players like a chain on Matějská, in the last sixteenth round, only two footballers joined in the basic group, which included in the sixteenth round of this year Sunday. That’s what makes it harder to do.

“The goal of the club should be to stabilize the team,” Leoš Kalvoda reasonably advises.But he may not be here anymore, he is speculating about the arrival of Dušan Uhrin the younger, which was confirmed on Sunday by the former Boleslav player Petr Mikolanda as a television expert. “Let’s not let it go without emotion and by the end of December we decide what and how,” said Josef Dufek, head of the club.

However, he has never regretted the affection for Uhrin the younger…