We need to win and Sportingbet compare the step in the group, said Trpišovský

We need to win and Sportingbet compare the step in the group, said Trpišovský

Coach Jindřich Trpišovský realizes that if the Liberce football players in the European League want a real chance to advance from the group, they have to surprise and defeat the leader of the Fiorentine table on Thursday. The Coach of the Slovan believes that his team, following the first two lazy matches with Karabachem and PAOK Thessaloniki, in which he has Sportingbet only scored points, is inclined to a bit of luck and breaks the waiting for home win in the main stage of the competition.

> “I am firmly convinced that Karabach will beat PAOK Thessaloniki in the second match, and if we want to have a real chance to advance, we have to win, it would be nice if it was so tangled.All teams would have four points and three matches would be over, “Trpišovský said at the Trpišovský press conference.” I feel we need to make a step in the group. If we did not manage tomorrow’s game tomorrow, we all know we would be in a terribly difficult position. This match is key to us tomorrow, “added the Liberec coach.

Slovan last won the home match three years ago Sportingbet against Estoril at the main stage of the European League. ” It’s already seven matches, so we’d like fans to leave you happy and not see our victory just out on TV. We have only two attempts with Fiorentina and Karabakh in the autumn.We want to win and break this balance at all costs, “he added.

Fiorentina, the 2014/15 European Championship semi-finalist, is one of the hardest rivals Liberec has led last year and this year he has come across the cups, and nothing is changed by the fact that the “Vials” are in the 14th place in the Italian league.

“Most of the matches had more shots and sometimes overwhelming dominance. I have seen them twice on the video and once live at home with AC Milan. They beat me, basically the entire AC Milan crushed. But if I do not remember, they have not won yet this season. Their performances at home and outside are different, “said Trpišovský.

” I would compare them to the strength of the players Sportingbet and the way they play to Marseille, even though they play in an atypical set-up with three trackers. Sometimes they even play 3-6-1.