Who can stick to Sparta’s defense? Marecek, teens, maybe even Steinhöfer

Who can stick to Sparta’s defense? Marecek, teens, maybe even Steinhöfer

“I do not know who to play at home. I really do not know, “the Spartan coach shrugged his head at a news conference shortly after Thursday’s opening quarter-final on the Villarreal. “We have to prepare other players. We have to figure it out. It will be complicated. ”

So definitely. It is certain that Brabec and Costa will not be rewarded, and they both received the third yellow card. In less than half an hour, Holek had to swap on Thursday, suffering from a painful calf before the game. And Mazuch did not travel to Spain at all, but he has stretched his muscle in the game in Slovácko.

Uncertainty also exists around other players, which narrows the maneuvering space. The right Beh Zahustel sat in Villarreal on the bench, but with a gypsum on his left hand.At home, Vacha and Jiracek, who have a problem with the attraction, are not allowed to play the European League by Šural, who has already competed in Liberec in the autumn.

For the weekend league match with Pribram Ščasný still remain in the middle of the defense Brabec with Costa, but what about Thursday’s domestic revenge with Villarreal? If there were really missing all four horsemen, it would be a huge complication.

In the squad would be the only usable midfielder: Radoslav Kovac. “Looks like I was alone,” he smiled bitterly as he jumped into Villarreal instead of the Girl. The match was decent due to the circumstances, so his start in the retaliation is almost certain.

But who to him?Crisis variants are a few.

Mareček jako stoper, na pravom kraji Kadlec?

The Emergency may change the disposition in an emergency and play on four defenders. In such a case, he could build Frýdek on the left side, to the center of Kováč and perhaps to withdraw Mareček from his deposit.

If Zahustel could not play, he would have to catch up on the right side of the defense either with the young Kadlec, who only played in a cup against Liberec or Konata, who had to defend a lot against Thursday in the halvike position. And there is one more forgotten name: Markus Steinhöfer.

German defender Ščasný said in winter that he did not count on him, thirty years old but he did not reach the new engagement.A few days ago, for the first time in the season, he joined the Spartan junior, and he still appears on the European League.

But would he take the coach back to the player he repeatedly criticized in the autumn for dull performance? It does not seem very likely.

The spar is sitting in the cups with a 3-5-2 system. If Šťastný wanted to use him again in the retaliation, he would have to find Kovacs two more stoppers.

The Marek and / or Frydek are again available to withdraw, but in both cases they will weaken the center of the deposit. There he might have to come up next to Dočkal and Matějovský, for example, a 19-year-old Sáček, who also played in the home cup for a few minutes after a hook.

Chance for juniors?Pisko, Köstl and Brezina are offered

It also opens up a chance for Kadlec, who regularly plays the right horseracer in junior matches in a three-page system. But it can only be limited – it is only 171 centimeters, which is not ideal for Bakambu or Soldad header games.

Theoretically, Steinhöfer’s comeback may be theoretically possible, but perhaps it is more realistic that Ščasný reaches one of the talented young men. Any player born on January 1, 1994 or later, who has spent at least two seasons in Sparta since the fifteenth birthday, is satisfied.

These conditions are met, for example, by Milan Piško, who is the number one junior in the junior class.Or the promising duo Köstl-Brezina, who is a successful Spartan A-junior who does not compete in the league.

Would any of them jump from a junior or junior competition to the European League quarter-finals? A quarter match can give an answer.