Why does Brno have to shake for rescue? Blurry plans lacked material

Why does Brno have to shake for rescue? Blurry plans lacked material

“After the long-awaited move of coach Habance to Brno, I expected them to be better off. ”

The summer change of coach Václav Kotol seems like foolishness, while the arrival of Svatopluk Haban had a logic.

Kotal got the 6th place last year, which was the best league result in recent years, but it was obvious that the team wrung the maximum. He was reconciled to the end after almost three years in Brno, feeling that the team will not go any further.And the argument of owner Václav Bartoňek sounded sympathetic: If we want spectators, we have to add some fun to the results.

Habanec promised a nice game and so much “football” he had previously got to Slovácko. But he seems to have taken too much bite in Brno. The local unit was not mentally or quality-minded for the rapid change from “discipline and defending” to “playfulness and attack”. In other words, the coach did not have the necessary material with which he would materialize his bold ideas.

“The attacking football is able to play everyone in the league, it just needs to be considered if it is not suicide. You can play offensive football when you are grounded and pressed.But when they make a counterattack at each event, they are going out and dangerous, so you would be a madman if you were to practice it, “says Zelenka.

Haban of Zbrojovka has definitely grown a more attractive set, the goals in her matches are falling habaděj . However, those more spectacular fans are enjoying the fans. “I have to say that when Zbrojovka played with better teams, I liked it quite a bit. The game was not so bad, but the points are not, “says Zelenka.

Unforced reinforcements

vision of their coach, they needed to bring creative players. But it did not help in this Haban’s leadership. The club has seen a dozen offensive reinforcements, but only the duo of Franci Litsingi, Jan Štohanzl, was able to lure.And that was the next step.

Litsingi had a season in which he did not play, and he came with a bad health, and Štohanzl was in surplus in Slavia. Brno did not help either. The Congolese Wing has managed only three matches before disabling it. It was Stuhanzol’s worry, and when he was playing, it was a weakness. “I do not think the two of them would pull it off. And it would not be good if they were absent in their absence, “Zelenka said. But it seemed that he had been relying too much on the two players with a decent past, but the dubious current form of the coach. “We are struggling with the wing game we want to build. But we do not have players, injuries, “Habanec said.With what he has left (and what Zbrojovka had before), he could not show his dream football demonstration.

Leaks defensive

This was by far the biggest pain in Brno. The 28 goals scored means the second highest number in the league, the net account held by Zbrojovka for the last time in August. “They got terribly simple goals. If it did not fall, then it was a defense, “Zelenka announces. It was Kotala’s pride, but his successor cut off her most important part. Certainly, Stooper Pavel Košťál is more of a type of football dinosaur, lacking speed and imaginative starting, but in the back but he was a reliable beacon.The Zbrojovka, however, thought she would do without it, and she had badly paid for it.

“I think it was a mistake, because the experienced hunters in the Armory held the game. You can choose the players who are modern, faster, and can with a balloon, but if that style is not successful, you have to change something. And the Zbrojovka had no way of changing it. Moreover, at the back I prefer an experience that you can help, “says Zelenka.

Brno also defended Miroslav Kerestes and Peter Bucht. New Tadas Kijanskas and Lukas Vrastil witnesses were often burning, and worse: neither did the constructive enthusiasts help too.The defensive disaster also contributed a few of the kings of goalkeeper Dušan Melicharka.

Missing Leader

In the chamber atmosphere of the last duel with Karvina the contrast was cut in the ears: while the roar and instructions of the visiting hitchhiker Paul Dreksa sprang all over the field, nobody was really listening to the Brno side.

In this regard, the Brňany paid more attention to the absence of Pavel Zavadil, until the end of autumn. “If there was this leader, it would be different and the game would be better organized,” says Zelenka.

Jakub Řezníček and Michal Škoda belonged in autumn between Brno’s tahun. “Majstrštyk” with the return of the former representative of Jan Polák, but also limited the injury.In addition to the extremely successful premieres, he was more likely to fall than to stand out. “And most of all, this is not the leader around which he stands and who organizes it. He is a hardworking worker, Kostál would like him, “says Zelenka.

The governing voice was Litevec Kijanskas, whose language barrier was hampered and he did not get his authority. Zbrojovka must be grateful at least for the life form of the bomber Michal Škoda, whose ten goals prevented him from being worse.He was also led by Jakub Řezníček, but he did not have another support. “Perhaps the Zbrojovka all went wrong, which is not a good card for the club or the coach,” Zelenka said.